Love People through Group Life 

The only way to love people authentically is to connect with them consistently

Beacon offers two ways to love people through group life;

The Alpha Course

We definitely recommend taking Alpha as a first step toward loving people at Beacon- hundreds of people at Beacon have taken it, along with millions around the world. It seems like every time we offer the course, people make lifelong friends. There are 8 weekly evening sessions; a meal is provided, followed by a video teaching and a group discussion.

Here's some info on upcoming Alpha courses!

Small Groups

If you've already taken Alpha, the next step would be to join one of the small groups, which meet weekly in group members' homes. It's difficult to overstate how important and impactful these groups are; lots of people at Beacon are as close to their small group as they are to their close friends and family. 

Sign up for small groups here!

Also, here are some FAQ's about small groups.

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