To Hell With The Hustle

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To Hell With The Hustle

Do you ever feel like the demands put on your life are more than anyone could realistically manage? Does your schedule seem to control you more than you control your schedule? Do you question whether you'll be able to sustain the pace that you're running at? We live in a world that prizes the hustle. Do more. Have more. Achieve more. Provide more. The constant striving for "more" has become the normal and to opt out feels lazy or irresponsible. But is all the running around shaping us into the people we want to be? Is this the life we long for? Jesus never seemed to be in a hurry. He was only around for 33 years, yet He became one of the most influential people in history- and He did it without the hustle. Maybe He was onto something. Join us as we explore the unhurried life that Jesus modeled and send the hustle back to where it came from.

Sermons from this Series

May 21


May 21, 2023

The Quiet Place - Justin Varughese

Passage: Matthew 4:1–2, Mark 1:32–37, Luke 5:16–16, Mark 6:30–46, Matthew 26:38–42

May 7


May 7, 2023

Tech Crunch

Speaker: Robert Kelly Passage: Genesis 11:1–9

Apr 30


April 30, 2023

Making Space

Speaker: Robert Kelly Passage: Mark 1:1–45, Mark 2:1–28, Mark 6:1–56, Mark 7:1–37

Apr 23


April 23, 2023

Jesus' Methods

Speaker: Trevor Nauta Passage: Matthew 19:16–26, Matthew 6:19–21

Apr 16


April 16, 2023

Unnecessary Bricks

Speaker: Trevor Nauta Passage: Luke 10:38–42

Apr 9


April 9, 2023

Rest for the Weary - Easter 2023

Speaker: Robert Kelly Passage: Matthew 11:28–30, Genesis 3:17–19