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Christmas is supposed to be magical. The Christmas season ignites in us a longing to be with the people we love in an atmosphere filled with comfort and joy. We do all our shopping, bake all our cookies, and run to all the parties hoping to experience the magic of Christmas. But instead of peace on earth, we get family drama. We look for stuffed stockings but we find mounting debt. Instead of faithful friends who are dear to us, gathering near to us, we’re met with loneliness. And our Fa-la-la-la-la’s are replaced with a lingering sense of dissatisfaction. Christmas promises to be magical, but the reality is often much messier. While we might not be able to control the mess, we can still thrive in the midst of it. Christmas is the celebration of the day God entered into our mess and made a way for us to rise above it. Join us this December as we discover ways to keep your holiday cheer even when your merry little Christmas turns into a Christmess.

Sermons from this Series

Dec 24


December 24, 2022

Strange Melancholy - Christmas Eve 2022

Speaker: Robert Kelly Passage: Isaiah 60:1–22, Matthew 2:1–23, Isaiah 9:1–21 Series: Merry ChristMess

Dec 18


December 18, 2022

Grief To Hope

Speaker: Justin Varughese Passage: Romans 5:1–5, Matthew 27:45–50, Matthew 1:18–22, Luke 24:13–17, Psalm 22:1–31, Romans 15:13 Series: Merry ChristMess

Dec 11


December 11, 2022

Money Mess

Speaker: Robert Kelly Series: Merry ChristMess

Dec 4


December 4, 2022

The Fragrance of Christmas

Speaker: Trevor Nauta Series: Merry ChristMess