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Serve the World

When a person chooses to follow Christ, they quickly realize that we are being equipped by Him to serve this world on mission for Jesus. We don't grow for our own sake, but so that we can learn to be a blessing to others. When you serve in a ministry that speaks to your heart, you become part of something that is bigger than yourself. Along the way, you develop humility and selflessness, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others. Jesus said He came not to be served, but to serve. We are called to do likewise—to love God, love people and live it out!

At Beacon, we have two areas where we serve the world; inside the church, and outside the church. Within the ministries of Beacon there are many opportunities to serve. These roles serve to deepen and enrich the ministries of our church, enabling more and more people to grow in their own personal mission.  These opportunities are for roles such as Creative Arts, Cafe Crew, Kidz Quest team, Outreach Event planning, and so many other opportunities!  If you want to learn more about serving in the ministries of the church, start by filling out this brief form.

Beyond Beacon's direct ministries, there are many opportunities to serve our greater community to demonstrate the love of Christ.  We have worked with the homeless, children of prisoners, young mothers in crisis, people who are hungry, and many other areas.  If you would like to connect with Ministries of Compassion, contact Cheryl Kelly.